What is Life’s Time Capsule’s MarketPlace?

Life’s Time Capsule’s MarketPlace is a nation-wide search directory created to feature the “Best Of” businesses, professionals and job seekers within local markets across the country.

Who are we?

Founded in 2012 and partnered with Amazon, Life’s Time Capsule is an innovative company positioned in the social media and data storage space. With our robust infrastructure and specialized personnel in place, the next natural progression was to build MarketPlace, which features businesses, professionals and job seekers both locally and nationally. To successfully support this concept, our team has twenty years of experience in online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) used to increase traffic and sales through your professional online presence. This idea was created to promote local businesses, professionals and job seekers.

What services do we provide your business?

·      Business, Professional or Job Seeker listing in your local marketplace
·      Connectivity from the national search directory
·      Increased traffic to your website or professional capsule through your marketplace listing
·      SEO services that dramatically increase your search rankings
·      Enhancement of your social media presence through SEO techniques linked to your capsule
·      Video channels dedicated to promoting your business, profession or talents
·      10GB of storage space for all media types, including important documents
·      Mobile apps available in iTunes and Google Play Stores
·      Low cost offering of only $3.97 per month or $39.97 annually

Chattanooga is 1 of 853 Best Of Cities listed in Life’s Time Capsule’s National MarketPlace – See Best of Chattanooga Page

Best of Chattanooga

Life’s Time Capsule’s MarketPlace listing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services have provided superior traffic flow to my business. It has boosted our calls substantially.
–Wayne Hullander

Wayne Hullander, Owner
Ooltewah Electric
Chattanooga, TN – Best Of MarketPlace



Sample Professional Capsule for Job Seeker – See a Professional Job Seeker



Since joining the Life’s Time Capsule Professional MarketPlace, I’ve received several inquiries about my services and have had the opportunity to select the highest quality projects that meet my areas of expertise.” –Olivia Steele

Olivia G. Steele
Project Manager
Portland, OR – Best of MarketPlace



Sample Professional Capsule for Businesses – See a Business Professional Capsule


I have picked up parts customers nationally since signing up for Life’s Time Capsule’s Best Of MarketPlace. Our volume of sales has already paid for a year’s listing within just a few weeks of starting the service.
–Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers
Gas – Electric Parts
Anniston & Oxford, AL – Best of MarketPlace



Sample Professional Capsule for Job Seeker – See a Professional Job Seeker Capsule



Sample Professional Capsule for Job Seeker – See a Professional Job Seeker